Anna Van Fleet

 Anna Van Fleet

 was born in St.-Petersburg, Russia in 1978.

Having traveled extensively in Europe for years, her art is inspired by many different cultures. She taught herself to paint oils while living in Germany, and sold many pieces to collectors there.


Moving to the US in 2011, she now lives in San Diego,

where her art reflects contemporary California trends.


Anna's oil paintings explore many varieties of themes, with a contrasting mix of techniques and styles. The brushstrokes and the luminosity of her panels are reminiscent of traditional paintings. The details, quality

of shading, and softness of the shapes complexion are presented in a masterly manner.

"I have always loved complexity of composition in general, performed in the finest appearance. My paintings are created with multiple layers. Mostly with 

dry brush technique ( almost no paint on the brush) or transparent layers with a slight hint of pigment ( glazing ). 

I keep developing my techniques. Never afraid to experiment with new ideas.

My artworks are actual perceptions of beauty. I wish to bring ever evolving form, color, depth, and light to the surface for the viewer to behold so that the embedded truths may rise above the apparent and challenging surface into some form of conscious realization which transforms thought and action."